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At CARCO, we realize timely and cost-effective vetting of prospective candidates is a high priority for HR professionals. We also understand that each company has its own unique hiring process and culture. By working closely with our clients over the years to develop innovative solutions to their specific needs and requirements, CARCO has become a full-service HR partner.

With over two million reports completed annually, CARCO has the expertise and experience to help companies conduct comprehensive employment screenings. You will have peace-of-mind knowing our background checks include expert tracking, analysis and data verification. To ensure accurate and complete findings of our employment screenings, we re-verify adverse information prior to dissemination.

CARCO continues to make significant advances in the employment screening industry. Recognized as a national leader in quality of service, timely reporting, cost-effectiveness, innovative HR technology, and legal expertise in employee screening, CARCO serves many of the country's leading corporations. Through its technology, CARCO is able to quickly respond to changing customer needs.

Let us become your full-service HR partner, as we help you create a robust employment screening program that integrates with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and CARCO's automated and completely configurable Onboarding Solution. Consult with a CARCO Specialist today!


A financial services client came to CARCO with a need to run a new kind of search to ensure regulatory compliance. With the ever changing regulations in the financial services sector they found themselves having to hire more and more people to manually perform regulatory searches in all 50 states.

CARCO representatives had a number of meetings with their compliance, legal and HR departments to fully understand their unique business needs. Various options were evaluated until finally CARCO was able to come up with a technological solution that would fully automate the process and provide for a true national, 50 states regulatory search.

CARCO embarked on a 3 month design and programming project that will, in the end, decrease the client's costs, reduce their time to fill and keep them fully compliant.

CARCO's Employment Screening:


Enhanced Program Options:




International Screening
Directly and in conjunction with global partners, CARCO has access to a multitude of foreign language resources and subsequent verification capabilities in more than one hundred countries and hundreds of languages. By speaking the native language(s) and understanding the national and local customs, we are able to effectively and efficiently obtain the required verification data. Additionally, we also offer translation and equivalency services.

We utilize a single global platform to ensure consistency in your global background screening program.

Supplemental International Partners
CARCO's international partners comprise more than 350 local agents physically located in over 192 countries and provinces around the globe. Global coverage includes service to: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania/Pacific Islands, North and South America in strict accordance with applicable laws.

Regional service centers support our international product capabilities and offer many of our clients, who may be physically located in any region, the option of a much broader array of culturally adapted in-country service options. Service options include customer support for local hiring managers who require in-country or regional points of contact. Our clients can be assured to receive the same consistent quality regardless of where the background check is conducted.

CARCO is EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certified.

For more information on CARCO's Employment Screening Services, contact a Specialist at 1-866-557-5984 or

CARCO has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of CARCO's Background Check Solutions with Oracle Talent Management Cloud. This integration will help companies transition to a completely electronic and automated process for their background screening processes.

CARCO, setting the standard for accurate and reliable screening for 38 years.

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Please contact us to learn how CARCO's compliance-driven processes known as "eSecure Global" will help your organization become compliant and remain free from EEOC and FCRA issues. We look forward to hearing from you.

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