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Did You Know?

Did you know that CARCO has been performing fraud preventive pre-insurance vehicle photo inspections since 1977, becoming the industry's experts with 54+ million inspections completed, through a 4,500+ inspection site network in four regulated and 12 non-regulated states?

Did you know CARCO avoided $2.4 billion for the insurance industry in auto insurance fraudulent damage claims over the past 5 years?

Did you know CARCO’s Central Data Repository used by Insurer Special Investigative Units & Law Enforcement to investigate ~11,000 vehicle fraud per day, with 175 million new fraud preventive data points added annually?

Did you know CARCO’s Predictive & Prescriptive Risk Profiling Analytics provides the insurance industry flag high-risk prospect policyholders to submit through our Mobile AI fraud preventive inspection application?

Did you know CARCO’s fraud detection and deterrence services provide the insurance industry an ROI with every $1 invested in inspections results in ~$41 in potential fraud avoidance?

Did you know that 99% of pre-insurance vehicle photo inspections are received and processed electronically within 24 hours?

Did you know that a CARCO fraud tip led to the dismantling of a $15 Million auto fraud ring?

Did you know CARCO helped the NY Attorney General identify and prosecute a fraud ring – “Operation Decoy Delivery”?

Did you know CARCO central data repository contributed to NY Law Enforcement break up a ~$300 million luxury car theft ring?

Did you know that CARCO’s technology, business practices and Fraud Prevention Analyst identify stolen vehicles with counterfeit VIN’s for NICB and Law Enforcement to prosecute?