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CARCO Fraud Prevention Services

CARCO provides businesses with the tools necessary to protect their clients from a variety of risk events and fraudulent activities that can expose companies and their bottom lines.

NMVTIS for Insurance

NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) is the premier publicly available system in the U.S. that requires all insurance carriers, auto recyclers, junk and salvage yards, and states to report vehicle title data. Among other things, this valuable tool reveals whether a vehicle has been flooded, salvaged, or declared a total loss. NMVTIS title history reports are a valuable loss prevention tool to carriers for underwriting and claims.
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CheckThatVIN is the accurate one-stop site for consumers and business entities to access trusted used car VIN searches and used car title history information. CheckThatVIN.com allows you to access the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) to check an automobile’s title history, including its reported odometer readings. You can also determine whether the used vehicle has ever been labeled a “junk" vehicle, a "salvage" vehicle, or a "flood" vehicle.
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Central Data Repository

CARCO’s Central Data Repository is intuitive, easy to use, accessible 24/7 and enables data mining, analysis, reporting. Our repository houses over 175 million new fraud preventative data points annually, detecting anomalies to investigate, accessed by SIU, NICB and law Enforcement at a velocity of more than 11,000 vehicles searched per day.
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