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CARCO’s SafeRIDE Certified, an Ongoing Driver and Vehicle Monitoring Service, Ensures Safety and Compliance in the Rideshare Industry

Monday, January 8, 2018

CARCO’s SafeRIDE Certified ensures riders have a safe and positive experience and minimizes risk to the rideshare company by providing ongoing driver (criminal and MVR) and vehicle monitoring services. The program also minimizes risk to rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and others.

CARCO, a leading provider of mobile technology that helps prevent automobile insurance fraud, and background screening and monitoring services, has released SafeRIDE Certified, an independent, objective third party vetting service that monitors both the driver and the car that riders use for app-based rideshare services.

SafeRIDE Certified is a unique service because it is a risk monitoring and fraud prevention management solution for both the driver and the vehicle. The service ensures that each driver that displays the SafeRIDE Certified shield in the app and on their vehicle undergoes ongoing monitoring by CARCO.

SafeRIDE Certified also certifies the clean title and possible fraud events, and its in-house team of experts validates the vehicle.

For ridesharing companies, SafeRIDE Certified reduces risk. For the ridesharing public, SafeRIDE Certified gives peace of mind and a sense of security.

Will Pagan, CARCO’s Senior Vice President, states, “SafeRIDE Certified incorporates a comprehensive solution to the complicated issue of driver and vehicle risk management, while providing assurance that the rideshare company is committed to the safety of the ridesharing riding public.”

SafeRIDE Certified continues CARCO’s legacy of innovation by facilitating compliance with emerging state and local statutes and regulations governing rideshare applications, while providing a means to ensure rider confidence with the product and reducing risk to the rideshare company.

For more information on SafeRIDE Certified, contact CARCO at 631-862-9300, x426 or email [email protected].


Since its inception in 1977, CARCO has provided businesses with the tools necessary to protect their clients from a variety of risk events and fraudulent activities that can expose companies and their bottom lines.

CARCO is part of the Cisive family of brands which is comprised of four divisions providing expertise in the highly complex regulated services delivery environment:

  • Fraud prevention pre-insurance inspection services
  • Background screening, employee onboarding and monitoring services
  • Commercial and trucking industry background screening and monitoring service
  • Investigative and security consulting services