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CARCO’s SafeRIDE Certified, An Ongoing Driver Monitoring Service, Ensures Safety And Compliance For Companies Hiring Crowdsourced Drivers For B2C Deliveries

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

CARCO, a leading provider of mobile technology that helps prevent automobile insurance fraud, and background screening and monitoring services, has released SafeRIDE Certified, an independent, objective third party vetting service that monitors crowdsourced drivers who deliver packages to the homes of consumers. In some cases, they even enter the homes to put away the items.

SafeRIDE Certified is a unique service because it is a consumer safety ongoing risk monitoring and fraud prevention management solution for the driver, the consumer, and the retailer that outsources deliveries to individual drivers for hire. The service ensures that each driver that displays the SafeRIDE Certified shield in the app and on their vehicle undergoes ongoing monitoring (Criminal and MVR) by CARCO.

Will Pagan, CARCO’s Senior Vice President, states, “SafeRIDE Certified incorporates a comprehensive solution to the issue of driver risk management for retailers that hire individual drivers to deliver packages to their customers instead of using traditional delivery services.”

SafeRIDE Certified continues CARCO’s legacy of innovation and risk management by providing a means to ensure consumer safety, confidence and reducing risk to its clients.

For more information on SafeRIDE Certified, contact CARCO at 631-862-9300, x426 or email [email protected].