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CARCO Announces Open Recall Information Added to CheckThatVIN NMVTIS Reports

Friday, March 2, 2018

As the spring used car buying season begins to heat up, CARCO announced today that it has added open recall information to its popular CheckThatVIN reports.  CheckThatVIN is the most comprehensive vehicle title history database in the industry.

In addition to the titling and branding information that consumers and used car dealers have come to reply on, now purchasers will also know if there are any open recalls for that particular vehicle. So now, in addition to details about the particular VIN including; trim level, state(s) of titling, odometer reading at time of titling, branding information (i.e. “Flood” or “Salvage” vehicle), recall information will be added to give our clients additional important information about the vehicle they are considering purchasing.

Rob Winthrop, Business Development Director at CARCO Group, stated, “Purchasing a used car is a big investment. To protect that investment, it is good practice to have a mechanic check out the car you are looking to buy and run a CheckThatVIN report to get deep details on the title of the vehicle. Now, any reported open recalls associated with the particular vehicle will be included in the report.”

Running an inexpensive CheckThatVIN report prior to purchasing a used car, offers valuable information and peace of mind. In support of our customers, from now until April 30, 2018, CARCO is offering a 50% discount off list price of title history reports run at https://checkthatvin.com/ctvcares.

CheckThatVIN.com also offers a feature that allows for scanning the VIN depending on the type of device being used. That way, you can run a report automatically, just by scanning the VIN with the barcode scanner on your device

CheckThatVIN.com reports contain NMVTIS data. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) was designed to protect prospective buyers and sellers of used cars and trucks from concealed vehicle histories.

Created by federal law, this system is the only publicly available system in the country that requires all insurance carriers, auto recyclers, junk and salvage yards, and states to report vehicle title history information. NMVTIS data is also required in the state of California to comply with AB1215.

Reports typically include title “Brand” information that may uncover a previously-unknown “Salvage” or “Flood” vehicle. This information may not normally be found in a standard vehicle history report.

CheckThatVIN is available at https://checkthatvin.com.